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a space for curious, creative and inquisitive young minds
Welcome to the Children's School of Contemporary Art website! This is a place where you can learn more about what we do and why we do it. Take a look around, if you like what you see we'd love to hear from you and share with you why we are so passionate about children's art education.

Get to know: Great Masters

Build: Confidence & Self Esteem

Discover: Professional Artist's Tips & Tricks 

Learn: Contemporary Art Processes 

Practice​: Traditional Techniques

"The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” Don Williams, Jr. (b.1968)


At the Children's School of Contemporary Art we believe the creative journey is the key to discovering and falling in love with art-making. Creating stimulating and engaging experiences is our passion. We understand the importance of trial and error as valuable steps in creative growth. Risk-free experimentation and the courage to try new things, without fear of failure, allows students to learn in their own way, producing independent thinking and unexpected outcomes.

CSoCA Lesson Structure


All programs at the Children's School of Contemporary Art are based on a 110% system to ensure maximum creative learning and fun. Our lesson structure includes 10% theory/history, 50% technical skills development, 40% creative exploration, and 10% social. 


All programs contain a drawing component to encourage the development of fine motor skills and the ability to visually express creative ideas.


All lessons contain a critical thinking component to encourage students to consider process, technique, concept and imagination in their creative development.


The content of each course is based on a term-long theme and reflects key learning areas for that subject whilst aligning with industry trends and student interests. Our multi-year programming is regularly updated and ensures students do not repeat projects even if they remain in the same course for three years. Detailed term programs, outlining project descriptions, learnings, and outcomes, are emailed directly to all enrolled students before the start of the New Term.

Our Teachers

All courses are taught by professionally practising artists and designers who have industry experience in their field and a passion for children's creative education. Our teachers are selected for their artistic abilities and their enthusiasm for delivering high-quality creative lessons.


At the Children's School of Contemporary Art, we provide useful resources, practical guidance, quality materials, stimulating projects, and challenging outcomes in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.

All educators hold a current Working With Children Clearance. Please feel free to request a copy.

Our Lessons

Lessons are conducted through a combination of process driven projects and open learning activities.


Process driven projects encourage students to develop artistic technique alongside critical thinking and open learning activities are designed to build student confidence and self-esteem through encouraged risk-taking and independent thinking.

Lessons are designed to challenge a student's thought processes whilst developing their innate abilities.

Small Classes

Small class numbers ensure each student receives one-on-one guidance from our experienced educators.

Students benefit from the opportunity to work individually and as groups, developing skills in both social and independent working environments.

Main Work Space
CSoCA Founder

Rose Skinner is the founder and Creative Director of the Children's School of Contemporary Art. Rose is a practising multi-disciplinary artist and arts educator.

With over 20 years experience working in the creative industries, Rose's bubblegum aesthetic and imaginative narratives have resonated with young people in galleries, festivals and workspaces across Australia and abroad.

Rose has received numerous awards and grants for her creative practices, she has held artist-in-residence in the UK, India and across Australia.


Rose completed her BA in Visual Arts at the University of Hertfordshire, whilst on a Curtin University student exchange to the UK. She holds qualifications in graphic design, from CIT, and has studied children's art education at Curtin University.

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