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Term Programs for Year 3 - Year 6 kids
Programs are eight weeks in duration and commence on the first Saturday of the public school term.

Term One 2021: 6th February - 1st April (8-week program)

Term Two 2021: 24th April - 17th June (8-week program)

Term Three 2021: 24th July - 17th September (8-week program)

Term Four 2021: 16th October - 10th December (8-week program)

  • Our programming encourages a social learning environment where fun and creative learning can come together.

  • Classes are suitable for all skill levels and no prior artistic knowledge is necessary for new students.

  • All equipment and materials are provided in class.

  • The Children's School of Contemporary Art has developed multi-year programming across all areas of learning allowing us to deliver exciting new content each term. Students are exposed to a broad range of subjects, materials, processes, and techniques throughout their education. 

  • A program outlining the upcoming term will be emailed to all enrolled students before the beginning of the term.


Explore Art (Year 2 - Year 6)


Explore Art is perfect for the student who shows an interest in all things art and art making. This hand-crafting program introduces students to a diverse range of skills and art-making processes in a fun and social environment. Students are encouraged to experiment with processes whilst developing their unique creative ideas to produce works that are based on contemporary practices.  Students can expect to learn skills from across the visual arts, including: building, making, crafting, painting, drawing, sculpting, printing, sewing, installation, sci-art, street art and photography.

For term dates and prices please visit our booking page: BOOK NOW

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Drawing + Painting (Year 3 +)


Drawing + Painting is a course for young artists interested in exploring a range of drawing, illustration, printmaking, and painting processes and techniques. Packed with useful tips and tricks used by professional artists and designers, students will learn how to create masterful artworks in their own unique style. Students can expect to explore traditional and contemporary approaches to art-making using a range of mediums, including:


Core materials include: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B pencils, pens, inks, graphite, charcoal, markers and acrylic paints, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, chalk pastels, oil pastels, printing inks, fabric markers.


Drawing and Painting platforms include: Digital printing, canvas, cartridge paper, watercolour paper, cotton paper, carbon paper, litho paper, tracing paper, fabrics, and plastics.


For term dates and prices please visit our booking page: BOOK NOW


Cartoon, Illustration + Manga (Year 2 - Year 5)


Cartoon, Illustration + Manga introduces students to a variety of different drawing, illustration, and cartooning techniques and mediums. The course aims to build upon the artistic growth of the student's inner and outer worlds across four key areas of interest: Illustration for Books + Animation, Manga + Anime, Comics + Graphic Novels, and Illustration for Graphic Design. Students can expect to learn a variety of techniques and processes used by professional artists and illustrators in the comic, animation and graphic design industries to develop technical skills alongside creative thinking strategies.

Term Themes:

Term One: Illustration for Books, Comics and/or Animation

Term Two: Concept Art - Illustration for Graphic Design

Term Three: Drawing Techniques for Manga and/or Anime

Term Four: TBD


Core mediums include: pencils  (H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), mechanical pencil, coloured pencils, blue pencil, pen, ink, markers, illustrator markers, watercolours, pastels.

For dates and prices please visit our booking page: BOOK NOW


Design, Build + Make (Year 3 - Year 8)


A class for curious, creative and inquisitive young minds who love to build and make - this program is aimed at developing and nurturing designing, building and making skills in a fun and supportive environment. Through this program, students will think, create and visualise their grand designs into scale models. Students can expect to learn skills in design and construction, model making, mold making, sculpture, and handcrafting.

For dates and prices please visit our booking page: BOOK NOW


Fashion + Textiles (Year 2 - Year 5)


Fashion and Textiles spearheads new waves of experimentations with fashion garments and accessories in a fun and social learning environment. Texturing, silhouetting, hand stitching, machine sewing, cutting, pattern making, accessorizing, draping, twisting and appliqueing are processes students will learn and practice. Students can expect to experience explorations and play-based learnings centered on the creation and production of student-designed fashion items and garments.

For dates and prices please visit our booking page: BOOK NOW

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Traditional Drawing (Year 4 - Year 10)


Traditional Drawing is a program designed specifically for students wishing to improve their technical drawing skills. Following traditional drawing practices, students will learn advanced skills in the art of drawing from real life. With a special focus on observational drawing, pencil drawing, mark-making and shading, students will learn how to develop their own unique style within a technical framework.

Techniques taught: learning to see, drawing detail, shading, line, mark making, texture, composition, perspective, scale, lighting, focal point, atmosphere

Core Materials: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B lead pencils, coloured pencils, blending stumps, erasers, charcoal

For dates and prices please visit our booking page: BOOK NOW


Selective High School Entrance Preparation (Year 5 - Year 6)


Our Selective High School Entrance Preparation course is designed to help students prepare for selective high school art & design programs including the highly competitive GATE (gifted and talented entrance examination) programs.


Through this course, students will expand their set of skills under the guidance of professional artists/arts educators by exploring a range of mediums, processes, and techniques that challenge, inspire and empower students. Students can expect to learn the following:


  • How to develop a strong body of work that is driven by their own unique interests and style.


  • Expand their understanding of how and why they make creative decisions to strengthen their critical thinking processes through verbal and written analysis. Students who lack verbal confidence or written skills will have access to techniques to overcome these hurdles.


  • Build a compelling portfolio that is underpinned by passionate and analytical communication - this could be used to assess a student's "potential" by demonstrating their interest, passion, and ability.

In addition, this course may provide an opportunity for students to see if this is the educational path they would like to pursue before committing to the entrance process.


This course is recommended for students in year 5 or term 1 of year six. This course may be suitable for students wishing to enter creative programs in years 9, 10 and 11, please speak to our staff before making an enrolment.


This course offers students opportunities to work on student-directed projects and may be suitable for students seeking to hone or advance their creative skills in a supported environment without entering specialist art programs.

For dates and prices please visit our booking page: BOOK NOW

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