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Rose Skinner

Rose Skinner is the founder and Creative Director of The School of Contemporary Art. With over fifteen years of experience working in the creative industries Roses bubblegum aesthetic and imaginative narratives have resonated with children and adults alike. Rose has exhibited widely across Australia and abroad in galleries, festivals, and exhibition spaces. Rose's particular style and lowbrow approach to children's art education allows for creative learning through directed experimentation, technical skills development and play.


Marcia D'Souza

Marcia is a visual artist based in Perth. After graduating with a Bachelor of Art (Visual Art) from Curtin University in 2011, Marcia focused her time on building on her skills in painting, drawing, printmaking, and digital projects. She has taught at the Children School of Contemporary Art since 2013, taught the extended art program at Canning Vale College in 2014, and in 2017 began illustrating for local music merchandise screen printing company Loop Effects Apparel. In 2018, Marcia was made a finalist in The Perth Royal Art Prize and finished a piece in a live painting showcase at Live Art Mondays at Henry on Eighth. As her paintings and drawings are based in the importance of self-expression and emotion, Marcia has found a new passion in facilitating art classes for artists with disabilities through Ability WA and is looking forward to upcoming work with DADAA Fremantle.


Jane Grierson

Jane Grierson is a practicing artist working from her studio at Heathcote Cultural Precinct. She is an experienced graphic artist with a solid foundation in traditional design skills and holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Curtin University. Jane has been making art since the age of 6 when she first attended formal art classes, she is a passionate artist and believes creativity feeds into all aspects of life and equips children with important skills, including creative problem solving, resourcefulness and self-confidence. An experienced educator in alternative learning environments, Jane has valuable experience working with young children across a range of mediums in contemporary art practices.


Olivia Biasin CSOCA photo.jpg

Olivia Biasin

Olivia is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist from Perth, Western Australia. She graduated from a Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) from Curtin University in 2019, having specialised in both painting and sculpture. Olivia’s artistic practice has already seen her exhibit in a long list of local exhibitions and is passionate about inspiring that same ambition and drive to be creative in the next generation of artists and designers. Her experience of the benefits of art begun in her own childhood, when each move with her expat family was made easier by joining local art classes, much like those held at The Children’s School of Contemporary Art. Olivia focuses her studio time on working with her hands and on the tools to create full-scale joinery, furniture and organisational pieces that combine aspects of both art and design.


Di Harnett

Di Harnett is a practising artist and a qualified art and media teacher with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree.  She has experience with drawing, painting, lino printing, collage, sculpture, digital media, and craft. Di feels art is therapeutic and cathartic, it is a gift we are all able to access which expands our thought processes in creative ways in all avenues of life.  This is why she chooses to share and nurture this in others. “I teach art because it equips us with tools and techniques to help process the world and our feelings, as well as helping to shape the world in positive and progressive ways.  Art can communicate an often shared experience in a universal language which connects us all.”


Jon Park

Jon is an Illustrator, designer and a passionate student of all visual arts, having studied a Bachelor's Degree in Photography and Illustration Design and is now pursuing a Masters in Teaching. After seeking the mentorship and guidance of proffessionals, Jon worked to gain experience in video games, animation and concept art. He has continued to build his skills as an artist and an educator with the hope of being able to share this knowledge to young artists so they may have the opportunities and skills to express themselves.


Mariaan Pugh

Mariaan is a textile artist and fashion designer with a Bachelor of Arts (Textiles) and an Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design. She has worked for Perth label Garbage TV and Danish designer Henrik Vibskov. After returning from a textile residency in Iceland she is currently focused on her textile art practice, exhibiting locally and internationally. With experience teaching textiles at Tafe Mariaan is passionate about arts education and her role at the Children’s School of Contemporary Art.



Bori Benko

Bori started her training in fine arts at the age of 13, eventually graduating with a Masters
Degree in Maurer Dora's Painting class at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in
Budapest. In her 30 years of art practice, Bori has explored many art forms — printing and painting technics, photography and film. She has created kinetic installations, site-specific
artworks, and public art, exhibiting her works widely around Europe, South America and


Stacey Maroney

Stacey is a visual artist with a Bachelor Degree in Primary School Education. She has over 15 years of experience working with children in various educational settings and has taught art to people 0-100 years of age (approximately). She believes that people of all ages should have a creative outlet. Children are naturally creative and this should be nurtured and encouraged. Through art children learn to express themselves, understand their world and develop flexible thinking and problem-solving skills. A good art activity, particularly for kids, is one that is engaging and captures their imaginations. It allows them to explore materials and follow a process in which they are able to make decisions, develop technical skills and create something that is unique to the child.

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